The Million Ponds Project

Freshwater Habitats Trust is the national charity dedicated to protecting freshwater life for everyone to enjoy. They carry out research, promote practical action, give advice and lobby policy makers to ensure that freshwater wildlife and habitats have a secure future.

The Million Ponds Project initiative aims to reverse a century of loss and decline in Britain`s ponds, so that once again we have a million ponds in the British countryside. The project will bring clean water back to many landscapes and create vital new wildlife habitats. The first 4 years of the project ran from 2008-2012 and within this time funded new ponds and pond complexes for threatened freshwater plants and animals, provided technical and on the ground support, engaged with and trained a range of stakeholders and raised the profile of ponds and their value in the media and with policy makers across England and Wales.

Restore Our Planet provided support for the creation of ponds for BAP species by providing match funding for 53 ponds at 13 sites in Wales. The ponds were specifically designed for species including Water Vole, Otter, Common Toad, Great Crested Newt, protected bats and rare plants like Pillwort and Three-lobed Crowfoot.

Permanent Christmas Tree for Bancyfelin

Bancyfelin is a rural village of c. 110 houses located 5 miles west of Carmarthen. Over recent years a number of new homes have been built in the village and the number of pupils at the local school has risen significantly. Each year the residents of Bancyfelin obtain a 20/25ft Christmas tree for the village and this is decorated by the St. Clears Town Council. When Christmas is over the tree is removed and taken to the local bakery as wood used to heat the ovens.

An environmentally friendly and less wasteful method of providing the annual Christmas tree has been explored and as a result the Bancyfelin Education Community Trust has decided a permanent tree would be an asset to the village environment all year round.

Restore Our Planet has agreed to fund the purchase of the tree with ongoing maintenance to be undertaken by members of the Bancyfelin village hall.

On completion of the tree purchase and planting a small cash surplus has allowed the village to improve its western approach by organising a further planting of trees on a strip of available land.