Polar Bear International

Polar Bear monitoring – Canada

Every year many bears are unable to reach their feeding grounds due to the late formation of pack ice creating huge difficulties for themselves and their families.

In Churchill, Manitoba there is a holding facility for polar bears that wander into town in search of food where they can be held apart from humans and later released. For years the dedicated individuals who keep the bears and humans apart have been using tape measures to estimate the bears weight. As the average weight of the female drops due to shorter hunting seasons they produce less cubs whose survival rate has decreased significantly.

Restore Our Planet has funded sophisticated digital scales that can weigh up to 2,000 kilos providing scientists with accurate information crucial to help define future forward action for the species survival. Restore Our Planet has also helped regarding arial surveys which play an important part in helping mother and cubs survive as it is important to understand where they were coming off the ice and in what state of health.

Also new and effective drop-off points have been defined for release of the bears which has dramatically increased their ability to get out on the ice sooner improving their chances of survival and reducing the probability of encounters with mankind.

Photo: © Polar Bear International

Photo: © Polar Bear International