National Association of Professional Environmentalists

Community Forest Conservation and Expansion

This project is a beneficiary of the Gaia/African Biodiversity Network Micro-Projects Fund.

This project will be carried out in Mukono district, in the Buganda kingdom, Uganda. The forest to be expanded is the Kintu forest east of Kampala. It has been in existence for almost 400 years and is made up entirely of natural indigenous tree species.

Uganda`s forest cover has halved in the last 50 years due mainly to the encroachment by the neighbouring communities in search of livelihoods eg charcoal burning, timber and farming and government-supported industrial investment that has seen protected forests such as Butamira, Bugara and Mabira given away to investors.

An opportunity has arisen whereby the Uganda National Forestry and Tree Planting Act (2003) recognises the need for community conservation of natural forests. This means the Buganda kingdom clans can use this act and claim community participation in management of the forest. Activities will include community sensitisation meetings to revive traditional knowledge and planting and maintenance of indigenous tree seedlings to expand the forest.

Community members planting trees to expand Kintu Forest.
Photo © NAPE